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virtuous chamber jazz music without the bragging but instead with true treasures of dreamful and lyrical music 
The words of journalist Eric Steiner in the `La Liberté` journal capture the essence of Stefan Aeby`s Trio. With the perfect match of Michael Stulz on drums and André Pousaz on bass, Stefan Aeby`s piano playing and composing have found a new tonal dimension with a strong personal sound spectrum as well as a real touching and intimate band sound. The intuitive interplay that characterizes the nature of the band has been described by the German magazine `Jazz Thing` with following words: …
Cultivated sound esthetics with a very personal face – one of the most promising projects, Switzerland has to offer at the time
`Jazz Thing` further describes the music as `something very special`.
The repertoire of the trio consists of original compositions by Stefan Aeby only. Catchy, lyrical melodies mixed with very colorful and rich harmonies. These very original harmonies understand to surprise the listener each time and blend very well with the contemporary music scenes inspired grooves as well as the more rhythmical open parts.
The compositions are musical journeys, personal and intimate pieces which spell bound the listener without putting technical aspects into the foreground. Therefore this music content has a grasping urgency. 
`A piano trio that is swimming brave and successful against the stream of the common genres.`
(Stereo, September 2010)
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